We specialize in the supply of large and heavy duty custom thermoformed plastic parts.

Industries Served by Thermoformed Parts and Products

We create lightweight yet durable plastic components for trucks, buses, railcars, and special vehicles.
Heavy/Agricultural Equipment
We thermoform products that can endure the high vibrations, prolonged use, and rough conditions often experienced by heavy-duty agricultural and other industrial equipment.
Our thermoforming process provides a quick, cost-effective, and precise way to produce medical trays, enclosures, housings, and other components from hygienic materials that are durable and easy to clean.
From instrument panels to seating, we can thermoform a variety of products from durable plastic materials that can tolerate constant exposure to sun, moisture, and other aspects of the marine environment.
Heating and A/C (HVAC)
We thermoform plastic housings, ducting, and other components suitable for a range of heating and cooling system designs.
General Industrial
We produce durable plastic enclosures, covers, and other components to support a range of general industrial applications.
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We can provide a range of plastic vehicle parts and accessories to support the automotive aftermarket industry.
POP Display
We can mold materials of various colors and textures to create eye-catching point-of-purchase (POP) displays that complement the product and brand.
We thermoform aesthetically pleasing structures and components for game systems.

Partner With the Experts at Plastic Components for Quality Thermoform Manufacturing

Plastic Components, Inc. is a premier provider of quality thermoformed components for customers in a wide range of industries. In addition to our thermoforming capabilities, we also provide product design assistance and tooling design, engineering, and building services to help ensure customers receive product solutions that fully meet their needs. To learn more about our thermoforming capabilities or partner with us on your next project, get in touch with us  below. 


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