If it has wheels, we can build molded plastic components for it!
HDPE Box With Lid

At PCI, we understand the balance between durability and comfort, flexibility, and lightweight construction that every vehicle demands, whether on land or water, serving the public or designed for personal use. 

Our engineered solutions are functional, cost-effective, and sustainable. We offer a diverse range of reliable and built-to-last materials. From interior to exterior, we're committed to meeting the evolving needs of next-generation vehicles.

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We're dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your project, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including design development, prototyping, testing, and production. Our expert team ensures that every aspect of your project is handled with precision and care.

Why Choose PCI?

PCI Solutions:

  • Durable and weather-resistant solutions for automotive and light truck interiors and exteriors
  • Tough, weather-resistant options for marine and recreational vehicles
  • Solutions tailored for agriculture, heavy-truck, and public transportation applications

From automotive to marine heavy trucks to public transportation, we provide solutions that prioritize strength, weight, heat resistance, and other essential properties to ensure the success of your project.

Interior Solutions:

  • ABS
  • Soft flex and one-step vinyl/ABS
  • Polycarbonate 
  • PVC
  • Polyethylene 
  • High impact polystyrene 
  • TPR

Exterior Solutions:

  • TPO
  • Korad capped ABS
  • Asa/abs
  • Polyethylene 
  • Uv resistant polycarbonate 
  • Polypropylene 
  • Train, Mass Transit and Buses

    Trains represent a vital mode of transportation, requiring robust components to withstand constant use and varying environmental conditions. 

    PCI provides tough, weather-resistant solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of train interiors and exteriors.

    High-performance polypropylene and other advanced materials ensure durability and longevity in rail applications. 

    Compliance with Docket90A and FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) requirements is critical. We ensure that the materials used meet these and any other specification requirements.

    From seating and interior panels to exterior body parts, PCI's engineered solutions offer the strength, weight optimization, and heat resistance necessary for trains' efficient and reliable operation.

    With PCI's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the transportation industry, train operators can trust in materials that deliver superior performance and contribute to the safety and comfort of passengers and crew alike.

    At PCI, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of thermoforming technology to deliver superior solutions that meet the demands of today's transportation industry.

  • Electric and Battery Powered Vehicle Solutions

    As the automotive industry shifts towards next-generation and electric vehicles, the demand for lightweight yet durable materials has never been greater. At PCI, we understand the importance of weight reduction in optimizing the performance and range of electric and battery-powered vehicles.

    By utilizing these advanced materials in key components like body panels, interior trim, and structural elements, manufacturers can achieve significant weight savings without compromising on strength or durability. 

    This enhances the overall efficiency and driving dynamics of electric vehicles and contributes to extended battery life and reduced environmental impact. With PCI's expertise in providing tailored solutions for the electric vehicle market, manufacturers can stay ahead of the curve and deliver vehicles that meet the demands of today's eco-conscious consumers.

    Emergency Vehicles

    Emergency vehicles require specialized components that can withstand demanding conditions while ensuring the safety and efficiency of emergency responders. PCI offers durable and weather-resistant solutions tailored for emergency vehicle interiors and exteriors. 

    The materials we use provide the necessary strength, impact resistance, and lightweight construction for critical components such as panels, storage compartments, and equipment mounts. 

    With PCI's expertise in engineering solutions for next-generation vehicles, emergency responders can rely on high-quality materials that prioritize functionality, reliability, and performance. This allows them to focus on saving lives and protecting communities.

  • Recreation Vehicle/Upfitters Solutions

    Recreational vehicles (RVs) represent a unique segment of the transportation industry, requiring components that combine durability with lightweight construction to enhance mobility and comfort for travelers. PCI offers custom-engineered plastics specifically designed to meet the needs of RV manufacturers and upfitters. 

    Our materials strike the perfect balance between strength and weight, ensuring that RVs can withstand the rigors of travel while maximizing fuel efficiency and handling. Whether it's interior components like cabinets, countertops, and seating or exterior panels and accessories, our solutions are stylish, reliable, and built to last. 

    With PCI's comprehensive suite of services, including design development, prototyping, and production, RV manufacturers can streamline their production processes and bring innovative designs to market faster. From weekend getaways to cross-country adventures, our solutions help create memorable experiences for RV enthusiasts while setting new standards for quality and performance in the recreational vehicle industry.

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