Once your part is thermoformed, we will finish your part to specification.
Color Matched Radio Transmission Cover

Thermoforming creates parts that require secondary operations to finish the part to the customer's specifications.

Often, we use a CNC machine to cut or trim the formed parts so that they meet the required dimensional specifications. CNC and edge routing remove excess material, creating a clean edge free of burrs and ready to be finished or installed.

But many other options exist to finish your parts to meet your requirements.

Types of part fabrication finishing available:

  • Part trimming

    • CNC routing and milling

    • Die Cutting

    • Hand Routing With Fixtures

    • Table Routing

  • Assembly

    • Fasteners

    • Hinges

    • Sonic Welding

    • Metal, Foam, and Injection Molded Subassemblies

    • Molded-in features

    • Multipart vacuum molded assemblies

    • Lighting

    • Switches

  • Edge finishing

  • Deburring, Sanding, Buffing, Flame Treating, Gimp

  • Hole drilling

  • Custom Packaging/Kitting

Quality Thermoforming Finishing

Types of surface finishing available:

  • Molded-In Color

  • Paint and Silkscreen (contracted)

  • Laminated Films

  • UV protection

  • Anti Graffiti

  • Custom Preprinted decoration

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