PCI Announces Major Expansion at Elkhart, IN Facility

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Elkhart, IN - January 2024 - Plastic Components, Inc. (PCI), a manufacturing leader in supplying heavy-duty and large thermoformed plastic parts, is excited to announce the groundbreaking of a significant expansion at their Elkhart, Indiana facility. This development signifies a substantial step in the company's growth and commitment to enhancing its operational capacities.
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The expansion encompasses a 37,000-square-foot addition to the existing structure. A notable part of this project is the relocation and expansion of K&S Mold/ABI Plastics. This move will see K&S Mold/ABI Plastics occupy 17,000 square feet of the new space, enhancing its operational efficiency and production capabilities.

"We are thrilled about this expansion. It's a testament to our dedication to growth and our commitment to providing the best services and products to our clients," said Barry Pippin, PCI's Director of Sales. "This development will not only benefit PCI but also offer expanded opportunities for K&S Mold/ABI Plastics."

Jim Khorshid, President of Plastics Division of Khorporate Holdings Inc., the parent company of both PCI and K&S Mold/ABI Plastics, added, "The collaboration with PCI and K&S Mold on this expansion project is a strategic step towards our mutual goal of industry leadership. We're excited to see how this will positively impact our operations and client relations."

In a significant upgrade to their manufacturing process, PCI has already added a thermoforming oven and CNC to their existing equipment. The relocation of K&S/ABI will bring an additional 19 injection molding machines, ranging from 60 to 500 tons, accompanied by an overhead crane system. The PCI and K&S/ABI production capabilities will significantly improve production capabilities from the new and relocated equipment.

A key focus of the expansion is safety. To this end, overhead sprinkler systems and firewalls to separate different sections of the building were planned in as part of the building upgrades. "The safety of our employees and the integrity of our operations are paramount. These new safety measures ensure that we are at the forefront of industrial safety standards," commented Eric Zagon, PCI general manager.

Michelle Hubbard, General Manager from K&S Mold/ABI Plastics remarked, "Being part of this expansion with PCI represents a significant milestone for us. It will enable us to leverage advanced technologies and expand our production in ways that were not previously possible."

The remaining 20,000 square feet of the new space is earmarked for future growth and expansion opportunities for both PCI and K&S Mold/ABI Plastics and a larger shipping and receiving department to manage increased production volumes.

The earthmoving for this ambitious project commenced in mid-November, with a completion timeline set for one year. "This expansion is a bold move towards a future where PCI and K&S Mold/ABI Plastics can continue to lead and innovate in our industry," Mr. Pippin added.

For more information about this expansion or to learn more about PCI's services, please contact Barry Pippin.

PCI-Chat-avatarAbout Plastic Components, Inc. (PCI)

Since 1972, Plastic Components, Inc. has been in the business of supplying heavy-duty and large thermoformed plastic parts to various industries and companies, including automotive, mass transportation, telecom, and appliance manufacturers. We understand the value of time and money, so we design, assist in design, engineer, and build tooling in-house.

KandSMoldWithABIsizedAbout K&S Mold/ABI Plastics (K&S)

Since 1978 K&S Mold, Inc. has built a strong reputation in building and running quality injection molds for a variety of industries including recreational vehicles, marine, refrigeration, and electronics. In 2020, K&S Mold, Inc acquired ABI Plastics also located in Elkhart, IN. This acquisition did not only bring more equipment under our roof but also built the molding team.

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Khorporate Holdings, Inc. is a family-owned corporation established in 1950. The Khorshid family has owned and operated the corporation since the mid-1980s. The company formerly did business as Huntington Electric, Inc. In 2011, the name was changed to Khorporate Holdings, Inc. after the sale of the resistor portion of the business. With each company working closely together to achieve the same goals and objectives, we can easily find a solution to any specific need. In total, our corporation employs 355 people including 50 engineers and 35 sales/marketing staff. Khorporate Holdings purchased K&S Mold in 2018 and ABI Plastics in 2020. PCI was purchased in 2022 to further expand the plastics molding division.

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